Beyond The Sea

In the heat of the Spice Islands…trouble brews.


In the heat of Indonesia’s Spice Islands, three lives collide when forces beyond their control bring them together.
Emile Lefèvre, a wreck hunter, attempts to flee Indonesia before authorities can question him over the disappearance of his partner. But as he sails through driving tropical monsoon rain at night, a black boat, travelling at high speed with no lights, ploughs through his ketch and leaves him to face a slow, watery death.
Nico Domenica, a corporal in Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment, regains consciousness after a fateful taxi ride in Perth to find himself and three comrades imprisoned in an old shipping container on a small Indonesian Island. Their captors make no demands, and their objectives remain a mystery, but the treatment meted out to Nico and his mates is nothing their special forces' training has prepared them for.
Ana Melo, an adventure tourist travelling aboard the tall ship Alwilda, experiences the thrill of sail as it used to be. While voyaging through the pristine waters of the Spice Islands, Alwilda and her crew become ensnared in geopolitical events unfolding around them, and Ana’s vacation becomes much more than she signed up for.
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