Martin Ladd - Writer

So here's the story...


Martin was born in the UK but raised in Hong Kong and for the last few decades has lived in New Zealand. His interest in writing began at fourteen while travelling by sea from Brisbane to Lisbon. He broke his wrist two weeks before setting sail and spent the entire voyage in the ship’s library writing a nautical adventure (sadly unpublished). Two years later while touring across Germany (in the back of his parents rental car obstinately refusing to admire the sights) he read John Steinbeck’s Journal of a Novel and decided decided he wanted to be a writer.
Learning the craft took an inordinately long time, and, evidently, he's still not done. While honing his skills, he owned a record shop, worked as a DJ, and sold IT. He and his wife Wendy moved out of the city several years ago and bought a seven acre block of land at the top of the South Island, which they share with six alpacas, three donkeys, and a dog. Martin now spends his days chopping firewood, chipping waste, mowing grass and occasionally writing.

Beyond The Sea

Martin's first book, Beyond The Sea, was publish on Amazon in 2018. it is a thriller set in Indonesia's Spice Islands and tells the story of a wreck hunter left clinging to the sinking hull of his yacht after a mid-sea collision. If he is to find those who left him to die a watery death, he must first survive. More...

Dead If You Find Me

Martin's second book, Dead If You Find Me, is also a thriller and due for release in November 2021. Set in New Zealand's South Island, it is the story of a failed businessman reduced to living under a bridge in a forest, hiding from the police who want to interview him about his part in two crimes. His salvation comes when he attempts to help a woman avoid the clutches of a contract killer. More details soon.